Packed with features

Designed to give clients total visibility and control over spend and compliance using end-to-end processes which include:

  • Full segregation of duties including approval mechanisms
  • Single candidate profile regardless of the number of agencies
  • Vacancy creation with automated distribution
  • Tiering and protected response times
  • Candidate offering assessment and selection
  • Staff Bank and Enhanced Bank shift-pick up via in-app notifications
  • Fully audited compliance screening
  • Compliance document management monitoring and enforcement
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  • Packed with features
  • Saving you time

    Keeping you organised, ensuring you know exactly what is happening and with whom

    • Assignment confirmation and shift management
    • Electronic timesheet management with escalated approval
    • Consolidated Invoicing
    • Payments and Financial Accruals
    • Candidate and Supplier Specific Compliance
    • Real-time Dashboard and Reporting
    • Full segregation of duties including approval mechanism
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  • Saving you time
  • Proven Financial Savings

    • Six years experience in Healthcare
    • Helping clients realise the benefits of outsourcing your temporary staffing
    • Providing maximum visibility and control over your entire contingent supply chain
    • Efficient processes and unique end-to-end system
    • Fill rates of over 95%
    • Processing over £100m in payments
    • 75% of supply is at or under NHSi Caps Resulting in realised savings of £17m.
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  • Proven Financial Savings