1. What is Infinitemp and who is it for?

Infinitemp™ is designed to manage your complete procure-to-pay process for all temporary staff from within a single, secure and easy to use platform providing total visibility, unprecedented control and reduced spend along with compliance management and enforcement.

The system provides an entirely unobstructed view of an organisations’ temporary staff supply chain and revolutionises the relationships with recruitment agencies, thereby increasing choice, driving down cost and raising the standards of temporary staffing along with improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk.

The system is aimed at any employer that requires a temporary workforce which is:

  • Large
  • Complex
  • Seasonal
  • Rigorous compliance checks
  • At many locations/branches

2. How much does Infinitemp cost?

We offer simple, transparent and fixed pricing for each of our Staff Bank, Enhanced Bank and Contingent workforce products based on £1.50 – £2.50 per hour which is processed through the system, giving you total control over your temporary staffing costs with your supply chain. This simple price covers everything, software, licenses, seamless updates and there is no limitation on the number of users you can have registered.

If you are a public sector, NHS healthcare organisation and you utilise a national staffing framework, the price you pay may be governed by the framework, contact us for more details.

3. Is it pay monthly?

Yes, in effect you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis therefore this provides you complete control and allows you to manage peaks and troughs in temporary staffing demands.

4. Do you offer an annual cost and a discount for this?

We have a minimum annual fee which covers the cost of hosting and management of the solution.  This is a minimum fee charged on an annual basis when the processing fee falls below the annual minimum fee. The fee is charged pro rata up to the annual minimum fee.

Discounts are available when modules are taken and activated at the same time, Contact us for an exact costing based on your service selection and anticipated usage.

5. Are there any setup costs?

Setup costs per legal entity range from between £5k – £8.5k per module.

A legal entity would be a base client, i.e. a Trust, School or College etc. When we bill a base client for multiple locations / sites, this setup cost only applies to the legal entity.

6. How do you support Infinitemp?

We have a dedicated team of professionals supporting you via the in-app support system which offers training, knowledge base and real-time access to our service desk team who are always on hand to help.

In addition, you will have access to your dedicated Client Success Manager to make sure you are always getting the most out of the application.

7. Is there a free trial?

To date, we have been working with our customers in terms of setup and configuration to ensure they always get the best out of the application which obviously means investment on both sides.

We would prefer to work with you to do the same and ensure success, although we are always open to discuss what this looks like in terms of cost.

8. How secure is my data?

Your data is ultra secure, accessed via a 256 bit TLS/SSL connection.  ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, Cyber Essentials Plus, regular CHECK tested, including UK-specific: Information Governance (IG) Level 3 and ICO registered.

9. How private is my data?

Although this is a multitenanted system, the system is ultra secure and all data is segregated ensuring privacy and control.  There has been rigorous penetration testing across the application, and this continues on a monthly basis, or on major releases to maintain and check data controls.

10. How many people can use it?

Unlimited.  The system uses cutting edge technology, built in the latest language and hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for limitless scalability, resilience and speed with 98%+ uptime.

11. How can I get started?

Just give us a call on 01482 606 040 to understand the on boarding process.

12. Do you offer training?

Yes, we can offer full training on Infinitemp through online webinars, along with onsite ‘classroom’ training if required.  This is all backed up by the support and knowledge base within the application which will help you on a day to day basis, along with direct access to the service desk and also your Client Success Manager.

13. Can I book a demo?

Yes, we would be more than happy to spend time with you to demo Infinitemp and show how this will revolutionise temporary staffing in your organisation.

Click here to book a demo

14. Where are you based?

Infinitemp is based in Hull which was UK’s City of Culture in 2017, and has supported the healthcare sector for nearly 20 years and continues its services and support for the public and private sectors.

15. What's your experience in this sector?

Infinitemp and it’s management team consists of dedicated professionals with a combined management experience of over six decades within recruitment, employment law, managed service and payroll sectors along with an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in the technology sector providing governance and control over the business operations.

16. Are there any requirements for using Infinitemp on my computer or phone?

No, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

17. Do you have an app available?

The app is responsive for mobile and tablet and we are currently working on new functionality to provide a native Apple and Android App providing key features for your temporary workforce including candidate profiles, compliance, vacancy offering, assignment confirmation and timesheet submission.  All of this will make life easier and more accurate processing of timesheets.

18. Do you offer two-step verification?

Yes, Infinitemp requires two step verification for sign-up based on an invite only basis from the supply chain.

19. Do I need to install anything on my computer or device?

All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

20. Is my data backed up?

Yes, our hosting partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides backup and rollback capability to ensure your data is always secure.

21. Do I pay for additional upgrades?

No, we are constantly improving Infinitemp and all upgrades are applied across the client base free of charge.