Your People Platform

Manage your complete procure-to-pay process for all contingent staff from within a single, secure and easy to use platform.

Focused on the user

Infinitemp is built from the ground up focusing on a delightful user experience. Smiles and satisfaction!

Gain Visibility

An entirely unobstructed view of your supply chain means clarity and peace of mind.

Gain Control

Real time control over your entire supply chain allows you to make better-informed decisions.

Realise Cost Savings

Both visibility and control allow you to identify and realise substantial cost savings.

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Packed with features

Designed to give clients total visibility and control over spend and compliance using end-to-end processes which include:

  • Full segregation of duties including approval mechanisms
  • Single candidate profile regardless of the number of agencies
  • Vacancy creation with automated distribution
  • Tiering and protected response times
  • Candidate offering assessment and selection
  • Staff Bank and Enhanced Bank shift-pick up via in-app notifications
  • Fully audited compliance screening
  • Compliance document management monitoring and enforcement
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  • Packed with features
  • Saving you time

    Keeping you organised, ensuring you know exactly what is happening and with whom

    • Assignment confirmation and shift management
    • Electronic timesheet management with escalated approval
    • Consolidated Invoicing
    • Payments and Financial Accruals
    • Candidate and Supplier Specific Compliance
    • Real-time Dashboard and Reporting
    • Full segregation of duties including approval mechanism
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  • Saving you time
  • Proven Financial Savings

    • Six years experience in Healthcare
    • Helping clients realise the benefits of outsourcing your temporary staffing
    • Providing maximum visibility and control over your entire contingent supply chain
    • Efficient processes and unique end-to-end system
    • Fill rates of over 95%
    • Processing over £100m in payments
    • 75% of supply is at or under NHSi Caps Resulting in realised savings of £17m.
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  • Proven Financial Savings
    • How it works

      Secure, Compliant, Framework driven software that delivers real benefits to your organisation

      We have a nationwide network of 45+ audited,framework suppliers ready and waiting to support you and your existing agency relationships.

      We administer our core supplier network on a daily basis, reacting to your ongoing requirements, peaks and troughs in demand so that your desired fill rate and level of choice are maintained.

      This is proven to deliver a combined fill rate of 95%, with 74% first offers within an hour and an invoice accuracy rate of 99.8%.

      Combined Fill Rate - 95%
      First Offer within 1 hour - 74%
      Invoice Accuracy - 99.8%


      Ultra secure environment accessed via a 256 bit TLS/SSL connection. ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, Cyber Essentials Plus, regular CHECK tested, including UK- specific: Information Governance (IG) Level 3, and ICO registered.


      Manage 1-10,000 vendors via a single cutting edge application, automated workflow and configurable processes with real-time KPI monitoring, scorecards and productivity reporting.


      Configurable client rate cards control agreed/set pay, charge and commission rates. Transparent offering and escalation approval mechanisms in line with NHSi compliance.


      Our dedicated team of managed service professionals oversee everything from implementation through to account management, supporting clients and suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a true out of hours service.


      We automate continuous data cleansing via robust data validation and via APIs connected to GMC, NMC, HCPC, DBS, Companies House, Bank Account Validation, and Postcode lookup databases.


      Fully audited candidate compliance management, monitoring and enforcement. Checks on document validity and expiry are managed autonomously and all documentation is validated by a human.


      All data is maintained and updated in real-time allowing for the most accurate reporting across all business areas simultaneously, providing total visibility and controls of your entire supply chain.


      We have been awarded places on all current national UK Goverment frameworks: LPP (CPP), HTE and CSS G-Cloud 8 Frameworks.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our pricing

      £1.50 /hour
      Simple, transparent and fixed pricing
      Ultra secure
      Reduced Costs
      Real-Time Reporting
      £2.00 /hour
      Simple, transparent and fixed pricing
      Ultra secure
      Reduced Costs
      Full Managed Service
      Automated Checks
      Candidate Compliance
      Real-Time Reporting
      £2.50 /hour
      Simple, transparent and fixed pricing
      Ultra secure
      Vendor Management
      Reduced Costs
      Full Managed Service
      Automated Checks
      Candidate Compliance
      Real-Time Reporting
      National Frameworks

      These prices are subject to setup costs and minimum annual fees.

      Don’t just take our word for it

      Infinitemp is the best system on the market, it simply feeds new opportunities for my team to work on, manages compliance and has fuelled our growth.


      Recruitment agency

      I used to deal with other agencies. The beauty of Infinitemp is I don’t have ten thousand agencies calling every minute of the day

      A&E Rota-Coordinator

      NHS Foundation Trust

      The Trust has found the service very good. From a financial perspective, it has been excellent

      Deputy Director of Finance

      NHS Foundation Trust